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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mixed Disc #2: Nothing But Flowers

Nothing But Flowers...10/2001
front cover
Days after Chelo received her first disc, Victims of Geography, she received a bouquet of flowers in the mail. Nothing But Flowers was the second mixed disc I made for her. I don't think it was the strongest tracklist of the lot, but when you don't know someone very well, musically speaking, you need to throw some feelers out there. Sometimes that means sacrificing your own taste to see what grabs her. This disc included some bands who wouldn't make many appearances in the collection because Chelo didn't like 'em and I didn't enjoy including ' The Dead (besides, I think a magnolia is a tree, not a flower).

I went with a 60/40 split when I first started making discs for Chelo...about 60% of the disc was brand new to her, while I figured she knew the other 40%. I'm just kidding, I didn't plan it out to that extent, but I did figure she'd know some of the music and that would be good. It would show her we had some bands in common. No matter the audience, Talking Heads are always a safe bet, and "(Nothing But) Flowers" is one of Chelo's favorites. "Iris" was popular at the time and also had a beautiful message that would catch her attention, no doubt...a fox is a wolf who sends flowers ;->

I've given Chelo flowers and plants throughout the years, and they were all very pretty, but not very memorable. I just now found that out when she said, "You've never given me least not in the past few years." Music is memorable and lasts forever. Nothing But Flowers is the nicest bouquet I ever gave her.

Check out the list of songs and click to see the videos when available (I love Nirvana's video for "In Bloom", and "Iris" live in an absolute downpour is magnificent). Then tell me, what would you put on the sequel? "Blue Orchid" from The White Stripes, the one I gave Chelo for Mothers' Day this year? I'd like to know. Put as many "flower" songs in the comments as you can for as the great Delta Burke once said, "If you want to say it with flowers, a single rose says, 'I'm cheap'."

click to enlarge
1. This Bouquet<><>Ani DiFranco
2. Sugar Magnolia<><>Grateful Dead
3. The Daisy<><>Calobo
4. Sunflowers<><>Everclear
5. In Bloom<><>Nirvana
6. Iris<><>Goo Goo Dolls
7. Lilies Of The Valley<><>David Byrne
8. Flowers<><>Camper Van Beethoven
9. The Garden<><>P.J. Harvey
10. Wild Flower<><>The Cult
11. Garden<><>Pearl Jam
12. (Nothing But) Flowers<><>Talking Heads
13. Flower<><>Liz Phair
14. Bed Of Roses<><>Screaming Trees
15. All The Dirt<><>Mike Doughty
16. Flowers In My Heart<><>Sixteen Horsepower
17. Pictures Of Lily<><>The Who
18. New Rose<><>The Damned
19. Blue Flower<><>Mazzy Star
20. Rose Parade<><>Elliott Smith
21. (hidden track) Garden Party<><>Rick Nelson

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